Sunday, September 25, 2011

Love is in the air!!

February starts my year long obsession with my Cricut Chaos. Valentines Day this year was SOO MMUUCCHH FUN!! My older daughters PreK class was having a Valentine's party and it was time to gather up the cards for exchange. I caught myself shopping for the flat, boring cards where the only difference was the licensed character on the front. Imaginative right? NOT!

Then the thought smacked me dead square in the forehead:

"HELLO KUCKLEHEAD - this is the exact reason and occasion you bought the Cricut Expression in the first place"! So back home I went and sat at the dining room table for hours, clueless what to do next. I may even drooled a little bit.

After my pacing, googling, thumbing thru my cartridges and coming up blank I almost gave up. Then I thought, Valentine's Day and Weddings have one thing in common.... Class what is it? That's right LOVE!!!

I broke out only my wedding cartridges and viola! We have heart treat boxes!! I cut 20 out of red, white and pink 8.5 x 11 card stock. I cut the image to fit the page which turned out to be stretched to 8.25. Once the idea surfaced and I pushed Crickie's (my pink Cricut) power button ... GAME ON!!!

These were simply a matter of Cut, Assemble and fill (yup NO glue). DONE! All I had to do was cut and assemble. The girls had the best time sticking on the foamy Valentine stickers. We had a really good afternoon!

When Pygmy come home from PreK she was bouncing off the walls and walking on clouds. She was ... is there a word bigger then excited? She brought the only treat boxes and apparently they were a hit!

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