Sunday, September 25, 2011

Princess Party Woot Woot!!

After my Cricut Cake arrived, my daughters 4th Birthday soon followed. SSOO to execute my justification of buying my little luxury, I tried to match the Princess Cake with the invitations I made. I will post a picture of the invitations soon.

This cake was a lot of work and took me HOURS longer to finish then it should have. I learned so much about fondant vs. sugar paste and why, no matter how long you wait, fondant doesn't dry stiff like sugar paste does. The initial castle pieces slumped. It was FUNNY!! Turns out those folks who get paid to professionally do cakes definitely earn every cent. If you EVER think "HEY let's DIY a Princess Party" it looks easy enough!! Take my adivce.. DO NOT EVER SEE THIS THOUGHT THROUGH! I probably spent 10 times what it would have cost me otherwise HAHAHAHA.

And on that note.. my blog will be full of these kinds of projects. I promise LOL.

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